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The following are extracts from both books.


These books were clairaudiently channelled by Spirit/God/Jesus/Higher Power/Higher Energy.

Extract from Power Flower aka Indigo Swan 2, Chapter - Standing Firm in the Truth with Compassion.

[Brexit. A conversation with Jesus on Brexit, through clairaudiency].

On another conversation, a person spoke about Brexit and their reasons for wanting the UK to leave the EU. I listened to their reasons and heard Jesus say that their thoughts were similar to those of the National Front and the BNP. I heard Him speak of humanity and the human race. He spoke to the person about them having some understanding of discrimination, as they were originally from Morocco. The person was very upset because of what He had said to them. They did not want to be thought of in this way but they were still advocating discrimination, as they talked about people from some countries having the right to have jobs in the UK and people from some countries not having the right to have jobs in the UK. The person also spoke of people from some countries wearing down the NHS. They wanted to keep the conversation to the topic of Brexit, however I heard Jesus persist for them to hear the harmful thoughts they had. As we were walking, it suddenly sounded silent all around and I heard Him say “all negative thoughts, words and deeds will harm you”. They said a couple more things and then walked off. I knew however they had heard Jesus.

Extract from Power Flower aka Indigo Swan, Chapter - Growing in the Light.


I also received these messages:

"Your voice will be heard on the earth plane."

The violet light, which is of the highest level of healing, was seen over my head.

A blue light indicating clairaudience was seen at my throat.

Extract from Power Flower aka Indigo Swan, Chapter - Hands-on-Healing Testimonials.

I took a 40 minute session and I could feel all what she was doing to me but I was drifting off into a sleep. I could hear myself snoring. After the session, I heard her say quietly; “when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes”. I opened my eyes and was lying there for a few minutes. Then I sat up. I said to her “say something to me”. I put my finger in my left ear. She explained that she does not usually say much after a session, so people can continue to relax in the peace that the healing session brings, however if I felt like talking, that I should do so. And even though she said this so quietly, I heard it. And I told her something she did not know. That I was partially deaf in my right ear and I would either turn my head to hear with my left ear and lip read or wear hearing aids. It was like having water in your ear that would not pop when you yawned and on top of that a loud throbbing sensation. I said to her, “you said that so quietly but I heard it.” She was astonished. I went to the bathroom and cried. Then she said “how do you feel?” I said “fine.” She really didn’t know that I believed in Indigo Swan and that I believed because this was her time, that is why she changed and it was for the better; to help herself and others. I was tested at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Charing Cross Hospital, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Team [ENT] 4 years ago, on 27th May 2010 and they confirmed that I had a hearing loss in my right ear of 60 decibels. This level of hearing loss is classified as Moderately Severe. “She is really suffering from the lack of her hearing…” Consultant ENT Surgeon, in letter to Doctor. They fitted me with 2 hearing aids, a strong one for my right ear and a weak one for my left ear. I have not worn the hearing aids since the session and at work they have noticed I haven’t been shouting. Where I work, they play music, so I would be shouting to hear myself above the music. I believe in Jesus and Jesus is within her. Things have changed for me and I have been telling her about them. In the last week, things have been happening to me at work, things are going great and my team members at work have been asking me questions. It is very strange but I walked in on 2 guys talking about; ‘is there a God?’ I answered to the best of my ability but I told them the next day to go on Indigo Swan’s website. Also good news from my hospital results for another medical matter, I got the all clear. This is so good. I was re-tested at InHealth, Fulham Health Clinic [NHS Contract Services], Audiology Health Clinic on 26th June 2014 and they confirmed that [following my Indigo Swan Hands on Healing session on 23rd January 2014], I now have a hearing loss in my right ear of 35 decibels. This level of hearing loss is classified as Mild. I will be fitted on 17th July 2014 with 1 hearing aid for my right ear, to reflect my increased hearing ability.

The books show that Jesus is for everyone. He does not discriminate by religion, spiritual belief or sexual orientation. I wear a cross because Jesus died on the cross but I do not call myself a Christian.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi is a rock for me and has the true teachings of Spirit/God/Jesus/Higher Power/Higher Energy, for the evolution of our human race, hence its inclusion.

Here is some of what I love about this book:

1) The Scriptures are from the Akashic Records where every thought, word and deed is recorded on the Spiritual Plane. 

2) They show Jesus speaking highly of the original pure sacred teachings of the Avesta, the Vedas, Tao Great, the Psalms, the Prophets, Gautama and more before they were changed, as well as show the Life and Works of Jesus in India, Tibet, Persia, Assyria, Greece and Egypt. 

3) They show Jesus explains that Christ means Love, that Christ is not a man and that He was a man that through overcoming temptations, by trials multiform, was able to be a temple through which Christ could manifest.

4) They show that Jesus is the Master Soul of this age, the Aquarian age, born in the Piscean age. That Jesus became a Master Soul after achieving victory by overcoming His challenges; showing us how to demonstrate perfect Love, hence Him becoming the example for us to follow.

5) They show there have been other Christs before Jesus and there are others to come. 

6) They show that we have had past lifetimes; that we come to earth to learn our lessons, pay our outstanding debts and commit to serving. 

7) They show that the biological parents of Jesus were Mary and Joseph.

Jesus along with other Christs before Him, and others to come, manifest just over every 2000 years, at the beginning of each age, in a way that we can understand, to light the way; to teach us how to grow a greater ability to love - a love which is uncircumscribed, as we are all one. When we transition back to the spiritual realm, account is taken of every thought, word and deed. Jesus was sent to manifest this Love in flesh in the Piscean age and in His spiritual form, is now teaching us the teachings of the Universal Church, now that we are in the Aquarian age.


In December 2012 the Aquarian age started, which has been spoken of / prophesied as the second coming of Christ. It has been wrongly spoken of as the ending of the world, not the ending of an age and the beginning of a new age and the teachings of the Universal Church.

"The age that follows this will be the age of man, the age of faith. In that blest age the human race will see without the aid of carnal eyes; will hear the soundless sound; will know the Spirit-God." 58:10 to 11 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi.

"And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky." 157:29 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi.

Jesus did not manifest in human form again because it is in line with His purpose when He came before in human form; of being the first of the human race to demonstrate the "Resurrection of the Dead".

The understanding of the need for us to demonstrate these teachings of the Universal Church is latent within us, as we knew this was what we had come to do before we chose to incarnate into humans in this lifetime - in this Aquarian age. By demonstrating these teachings, the Spiritual Truths, in our lives, we are fulfilling our purpose; to use our beings to create the evolution of the human race. All forms of life including animals and plants evolve. We all have within us the Light to bring us Peace, Wisdom and Love. 


These are the Spiritual Truths of our lives: 1) Divine Love, 2) Forgiveness, 3) Fair Suffering, as a result of Karmic Afflictions from our outstanding debts because of the pain we caused others in our past lifetimes; which is relieved by Spirit/God after we have had our fair suffering and have committed to serving Spirit/God, in the way He shows us in our lives, 4) our lives in the Spiritual Realm before and after our mortal incarnations.

These books also show we are able to engage with those who have transitioned back to the spiritual realm; to receive their love and support in a powerful way.

Power Flower aka Indigo Swan. (Back cover).

Spirit/God/Jesus/Higher Power/Higher Energy led me to tell my story and guided me throughout the creation of this book. 

It shows how I overcame my challenges, became a PT on my journey and finally arrived at my destiny to be a Spiritual Healer. 

You will see the depths I sunk to and how I gradually learnt to let the light in. 

This book will help you to Grow in the Light. 

"The cherubim have guarded well for every soul this treasure box, and whosoever will may enter in and find his own." 40:24 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi. 

It is for all people irrespective of religion/spiritual belief or sexual orientation. 



Power Flower aka Indigo Swan 2. (Back cover).

This book was clairaudiently channelled by Spirit/God/Jesus/Higher Power/Higher Energy.


Now that we are in the Aquarian age, our human race needs to demonstrate in our lives, belief in the unseen with the human eye and belief in the unheard with the human ear. We have to strive to activate our Spirit Sense.


Jesus is teaching us that our human race now and future human beings to be incarnated on the earth can only achieve a life that is with unlimited opportunity for Divine Wisdom, Peace and the ability to feel the Omnipotent Love of Spirit/God, if we choose to demonstrate the Spiritual Truths, the teachings of the Universal Church, the Aquarian Gospel, in our lives.

It is for all people irrespective of religion/spiritual belief or sexual orientation.



**Power Flower aka Indigo Swan & Power Flower aka Indigo Swan 2 are to be read together.**

Ebooks, Paperbacks, Hardcovers.



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